Tucson Car Accident Attorney
David E. Hill,P.L.C.

The 2012 U.S. Census Bureau reveals that in 2009 there were over 10,000,000 motor vehicle accidents in this country. Over 2,000,000 of those accidents involved injury, and, of those, nearly 34,000 resulted in a fatality.

Motor vehicle accidents have a variety of causes including:

  • Inattentiveness
  • Cell phone use
  • Driving while impaired (DUI)
  • Speed or recklessness
  • A faulty road design
  • Lack of proper signage
  • Poor road maintenance
  • A defect in the design or manufacture of an automobile or one of its components.

If you, a child or parent has been involved in a motor vehicle accident involving serious injury or death and you believe it was caused by the negligence or fault of another individual, governmental agency or private company, please contact me. I can evaluate your claim quickly, and if retained, I can get it settled out of court, if appropriate, and take it to trial, if necessary. Injured victims of motor vehicle accidents are entitled to monetary compensation for every component of their injury from every person or organization responsible for the accident.

In Arizona the legislature has imposed certain limitations on the presentation of a claim for personal injury or wrongful death (an “injury”). Generally, a person has only 2 years from the date of the “injury” to file a lawsuit. Further, if the responsible party is a public entity, a person may have to prepare and file what is known as a “Notice of Claim” no later than 180 days (6 months) after an “injury” so as to preserve the right to file a lawsuit after that, if necessary. If you have sustained an injury, do to not procrastinate with respect to your decision to consult with a lawyer regarding a possible claim. Failing to consult a Tucson car accident attorney and missing one of the deadlines referred to above, you may lose the opportunity to be compensated for your loss.

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