Tucson Dog Bites & Attacks Attorney
David E. Hill, P.L.C.

Some pet dogs are unusually aggressive and should not be kept. Others are seemingly docile but then act in an unpredictable way. Either behavior can result in an injury which is terrifying to sustain or witness and can cause horrible disfigurement, a loss of vision, or other permanent neurological injury. The owner of the dog is liable for the injury involved even if he or she was “without notice” of a propensity on the part the pet to act as it did. Such claims are relatively common and amenable to settlement. But you must be careful not to be lulled in to accepting a settlement which does not reflect the true nature of the injury involved. A life of embarrassment, anxiety and disability associated with a disfiguring scar and/or impairment to one’s vision, smell or touch must not be underestimated.

In Arizona the legislature has imposed certain limitations on the presentation of a claim for personal injury or wrongful death (an “injury”). Generally, a person has only 2 years from the date of the “injury” to file a lawsuit. Further, if the responsible party is a public entity, a person may have to prepare and file what is known as a “Notice of Claim” no later than 180 days (6 months) after an “injury” so as to preserve the right to file a lawsuit after that, if necessary. If you have sustained an injury, do to not procrastinate with respect to your decision to consult with a Tucson dog bites & attacks attorney regarding a possible claim. If you miss one of the deadlines referred to above, you may lose the opportunity to be compensated for your loss.

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